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5 Lesser-Known Assets to Diversify Your Portfolio

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In the intricate landscape of investing, diversification remains a key strategy for savvy investors. While traditional assets like stocks and bonds are mainstays in most portfolios, there exists a world of lesser-known assets that offer unique benefits and opportunities for growth. This extensive guide sheds light on five such assets, providing valuable insights for those looking to diversify their investment strategies effectively.

lesser known assets

1. Specialized Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

While Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are familiar to many, specialized REITs represent a unique segment within this asset class. These trusts invest in niche real estate sectors such as healthcare facilities, data centers, or infrastructure-related properties. They offer investors a combination of regular income and the potential for capital appreciation, with the added benefit of exposure to specific industries poised for growth.

Key Benefits:

Stable Income Streams: Specialized REITs typically generate regular rental income, providing a steady cash flow.

Growth Potential: These trusts often target emerging or less saturated real estate sectors, opening doors to higher growth opportunities.

Liquidity and Flexibility: Specialized REITs are traded on major stock exchanges, offering the liquidity of stocks with the stability of real estate investments.

2. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platforms

Peer-to-Peer lending, a modern form of investment, allows individuals to lend money directly to other individuals or small businesses, bypassing traditional financial institutions. This platform offers a diverse range of lending opportunities, often with higher returns than conventional savings or fixed-income investments. By participating in P2P lending, investors can support small businesses or individual borrowers while earning attractive interest rates.

Key Benefits:

Higher Returns: P2P lending platforms often offer interest rates that are significantly higher than those of traditional savings accounts.

Risk Diversification: Investors can spread their funds across multiple loans, reducing the impact of any single default.

Personalized Investment Control: Investors have the freedom to select loans based on their risk tolerance and interest rate preferences.

3. Green Energy Bonds

The shift towards sustainable and renewable energy has made green energy bonds an increasingly popular investment. These bonds finance projects in renewable energy sectors, such as wind farms or solar power plants. By investing in green bonds, investors not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also potentially benefit from stable returns, often backed by government policies promoting green initiatives.

Key Benefits:

Environmental Impact: Investing in green bonds supports the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

Stable, Predictable Returns: Many green energy projects are supported by government subsidies or incentives, offering a degree of security.

Emerging Market Potential: As the world increasingly moves towards renewable energy, the growth potential in this sector is significant.

4. Fine Art and Collectibles

Investing in fine art and collectibles, such as rare coins, vintage cars, or first-edition books, offers a unique investment avenue. This asset class requires a deep understanding of the market and the items in question. While it may offer substantial long-term appreciation, it also comes with risks like illiquidity and the need for proper preservation and insurance.

Key Benefits:

Potential for Significant Appreciation: Certain collectibles and art pieces have historically seen their value grow exponentially over time.

Portfolio Diversification: These assets typically have a low correlation with traditional financial markets, providing a hedge against market volatility.

Personal Enjoyment and Legacy: Beyond financial returns, these assets can offer personal enjoyment and the potential to leave a tangible legacy.

5. Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets represent a new frontier in investing. While they are known for their volatility, they also offer the potential for substantial returns. Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, or in tokenized assets, provides exposure to innovative blockchain technology and the burgeoning digital economy.

Key Benefits:

High Growth Potential: Cryptocurrencies have shown the ability to achieve rapid appreciation in value.

Innovative Technology Investment: Exposure to blockchain technology, which is finding applications across various industries.

Market Independence: Cryptocurrencies often exhibit unique market dynamics, independent of traditional financial markets.

lesser known assets


What are Specialized REITs and How are They Different from Traditional REITs?

Specialized Real Estate Investment Trusts focus on niche real estate markets such as healthcare, data centers, or infrastructure. Unlike traditional REITs that often target broad commercial or residential sectors, specialized REITs invest in specific, sometimes emerging, segments of the real estate market.

How Can I Start Investing in These Assets?

Starting requires research and understanding of each asset class. For specialized REITs, P2P lending, and green bonds, many online platforms and brokerages offer access. For art and collectibles, auctions, galleries, and specialized brokers can provide entry points. Cryptocurrency investments can begin with digital currency exchanges.

Are These Investments Suitable for All Types of Investors?

These lesser-known assets may not be suitable for all investors. They often require a higher risk tolerance and a willingness to invest time in understanding each market. It’s recommended to assess your financial goals, risk appetite, and investment horizon before diving in.

How Do These Assets Fit Into a Diversified Portfolio?

These assets can add diversification benefits to a portfolio by introducing investments that may have low correlations with traditional stock and bond markets. This can potentially reduce overall portfolio volatility and improve returns.

What is the Minimum Investment for These Asset Classes?

The minimum investment varies widely. P2P lending platforms and some REITs can have low entry points, while fine art and collectibles might require a substantial initial investment. Cryptocurrencies can typically be bought in fractional amounts, accommodating various budget levels.

How Liquid are These Investments?

Liquidity varies across these assets. Specialized REITs and cryptocurrencies offer relatively high liquidity, while P2P lending, green bonds, art, and collectibles can be less liquid, potentially requiring more time to sell or exit the investment. 


Investing wisely transcends mere risk reduction; it’s fundamentally about astutely managing asset allocations across various categories to maximize return potential. When you integrate Lesser-Known Assets into your investment portfolio, you’re not just adding variety; you’re strategically enhancing its robustness and capacity for growth. Each of these diverse investment options comes with its unique blend of benefits and considerations, much like the varied components of a well-structured mutual fund.

In tailoring your investment portfolio with these assets, you align with your investment goals while adjusting the level of risk you’re comfortable with. This approach ensures that your asset allocations are not only diverse but also resonate with your tolerance for risk and return expectations. Over a period of time, such carefully chosen investments can serve as a hedge against inflation, fortifying your financial foundation against market volatilities.

As in all financial endeavors, comprehensive research and a deep understanding of each asset class are indispensable. Before committing to any investment decision, it’s vital to evaluate how these Lesser-Known Assets can fit into your overall strategy, ensuring they contribute positively to your long-term financial objectives. 

Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes and is not intended as financial advice. Consult a financial professional for advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

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